Online & Mobile Banking Terms & Conditions


Online & Mobile Banking Agreement and Terms & Conditions



The use of Discovery Federal Credit Union Online Services constitutes acceptance of this agreement and disclosures.

Discovery Federal Credit Union Online Services are designed to assist members in communicating with us and providing various means to send and receive data services as it relates to your accounts.

We offer various methods for members to access Online Services including downloadable mobile apps for popular mobile devices, desktop banking, and an online banking website designed for mobile devices. Available services include access to account information, various account fund transfers, mobile remote deposit services, and other related services. Any added Online Services and future features will be governed by this Agreement and Disclosure and by any terms and conditions provided to you at the time the new service or feature is added, or at the time of enrollment for the feature or service if applicable. From time to time, we may amend these terms and modify or cancel the Online Services we offer without notice, except as may be required by Law.

Each of your accounts at Discovery Federal Credit Union is also governed by the applicable account disclosure/agreement and Truth In Savings disclosure you received when you opened your account.



As used in this Agreement and Disclosure, the following words will have the definitions given below:

‘Account(s)’ means your eligible Discovery Federal Credit Union checking, savings, loan, share certificates, and other Discovery Federal Credit Union products and services that can be accessed through the Online Service.

‘Device’ means any computer such as a PC, MAC, iPad, Tablet, or any cellular telephone, smartphone, or similar wireless communication device onto which you have downloaded software provided by us, or which allows SMS text communications, for the purpose of conducting business with us. Your wireless carrier may assess you fees for data or text messaging services. Please consult your plan or provider for details.

‘Online Services’ means any banking and/or communication services initiated between you and us using a Device. ‘You’ and ‘Your(s)’ mean each person with authorized access to your Account(s) who applies and uses the Mobile Banking Service. ‘We’,’ Us’, and ‘Credit Union’ means Discovery Federal Credit Union.


Online Services

In order to utilize our Online Services, you must be enrolled in Home banking through our website at

Using Discovery Federal Credit Union Online Services allows you to access your personal account information, use bill pay, transfer funds between your accounts, deposit items remotely, view account statements and conduct other banking transactions and inquires. All services may not be available on all devices because of the device or other technical service limitations.

We reserve the right to limit the types and number of accounts eligible and the right to refuse to make any transaction you request through our Online Services. We may also reserve the right to modify the scope of our Online Services at any time.

Our Online Services may not be accessible over some wireless, or wired network carriers or providers. In addition, services may not be supportable for all Devices. Discovery Federal Credit Union cannot guarantee and is not responsible for the availability of data services provided by your mobile carrier, or any network, such as but not limited to, data outages, connectivity outages, or ‘out of range’ issues.

You agree to accept responsibility for learning how to use Online Services in accordance with the instructions and agree that you will contact us directly if you have any problems with any service.

We may modify any Online Service from time to time at our sole discretion. In the event of any modifications, you will be notified prior to the implementation of modifications. You are responsible for making sure you understand how to use each service as modified. You also accept responsibility for making sure that you know how to properly use your Device and we will not be liable to you for any losses caused by your failure to properly use the service or your Device.

You agree that, when you use any Online Service, you remain subject to the terms and conditions of your existing agreements with any unaffiliated service providers, including, but not limited to, your mobile service provider and that this Agreement does not amend or supersede any of those agreements. You understand that those agreements may include fees, limitations, and restrictions which might impact your use of our services (such as data usage or text messaging charges imposed on you by your mobile service provider), you agree to be solely responsible for all such fees, limitations, and restrictions. You agree that only your mobile service provider is responsible for its products and services. Accordingly, you agree to resolve any problems with your provider directly without involving us.

Any deposit account, a loan or other credit union product accessed through this service is also subject to the Account Agreements and Disclosures provided at the time of account opening. You should review the Account disclosures carefully, as they may include transaction limitations and fees which might apply to your use of our Online Services.


You will be prompted to enter your account number, date of birth, and social security number during enrollment. If you are a joint owner, enter your own date of birth and social security number, not the primary account owner’s information. If you are enrolling to access a business account’s information and you have a personal account at Discovery FCU, you will see your business account information when you log in to your personal account. If you do not have a personal account at Discovery FCU, when you enroll, use the business account number, your social security number, and your date of birth. After this information is verified, you will proceed to create a unique username and password. You will use the same username and password for both online banking and our mobile banking app.

Multi-factor Authentication

During enrollment, when using a new device or processing updates to your phone number, email address, or residential address a verification code will be sent to your email or personal cell phone number on file at the credit union.  This verification code will be required to complete the transaction.

Transfer Types and Limitations

Types of Transfers

You may transfer funds between any two of your Accounts about which you have provided the necessary information to funds transfer. Transfers can be between Accounts within the same financial institution or at an unrelated financial institution (You may also use the Service to transfer funds from one of your Accounts to an account of a Recipient. Specific instructions for transferring funds to an account of a Recipient are available by clicking on the “Recipients” tab.

You authorize us to select any means to execute your funds’ transfer instructions. You understand that to affect your funds’ transfer instruction we utilize the Automated Clearing House (ACH), using applicable ACH Rules, we debit one of your Accounts and credit another of your Accounts or an account of a Recipient.

In the event that a debit to any of your Accounts, or any portion of any such debit, has failed and the credit side of such transaction has been released and cannot be collected, and we are unable to debit either the debited or the credited Account, we reserve the right, and you hereby authorize us, to debit any of your other Accounts to the extent necessary to offset any resulting deficiency. We do not undertake to notify you in such event, other than by posting any such transfer or transfers to the applicable Account in accordance with this Agreement

Recurring/Repeating Transfers

Your credit union’s home banking Scheduled Transfer Service enables you to manage certain automatic transfers between accounts at the credit union.

By activating one or more Scheduled Transfers, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Each of your accounts at Discovery FCU is also governed by the applicable account disclosure/agreement and Truth In Savings disclosure you received when you opened your account. You may schedule transfers, that do not vary in amount, to automatically occur on a regular schedule of your choice. The Scheduled Transfers that you set up cannot start on the same day you enter them.

Scheduled Transfers will be processed on each scheduled transfer date. Scheduled Transfers are processed prior to 9:00 A.M. on each Calendar Day. A Scheduled Transfer may be changed or canceled only if done so prior to the scheduled transfer date.

Your Scheduled Transfers are also covered under Regulation E. Please refer to the section titled “In Case Of Errors Or Questions About Electronic Transfers” on your statement of account for additional information.

Please be aware that the credit union may permanently cancel any Scheduled Transfers you have set up on this service if the credit union is unable to process the transfer for any reason. This includes, but is not limited to, the inability to process a scheduled transfer because of a closed account, insufficient funds, or any other reason.

All provisions of any agreements or disclosures previously made pertaining to your credit union accounts remain in effect and are not superseded or amended by this agreement.


Limitations on Account Transfers

You may use our Online Services products to transfer funds between your eligible Discovery Federal Credit Union accounts and accounts at other financial institutions. You may not transfer to or from an account at another financial institution using our service.

Federal regulation (Reg. D) requires financial institutions to limit the way withdrawals may be made from a savings account. Each transfer from a savings account using Online Services is counted as one of the six limited transactions permitted during each monthly statement cycle period, as described in the Disclosure of Account Terms.

We may also limit the type, frequency, and amount of transfers for security purposes and may change or impose limits without notice, at our discretion.


Mobile Deposit Capture

Deposits to your Discovery Federal Credit Union account may be made remotely using your smartphone device by submitting an image of the front and back of a check.

A suitability review will be done for all new and existing members and this review will involve consideration of the member’s length of membership, transaction activities, overdraft history, frequency and amount of direct deposit, and overall relationship with the credit union.

Eligible Items for Deposit through Mobile Deposit Capture are ‘checks’ as defined in Federal Reserve Regulation CC. You agree that the image of the check transmitted to us shall be deemed an ‘item’ within the meaning of Article 4 of the Uniform Commercial Code.

Unacceptable Items for Deposit include:

* Checks are drawn on a foreign bank

* Money orders

* Traveler’s checks

* Checks payable to an individual not on the account

* An item drawn on your account at Discovery Federal Credit Union

* An item that contains evidence of alteration

* A check previously converted to a ‘substitute check’, as defined in Regulation CC

* A stale-dated, expired, or postdated item

* Any item that has been re-deposited or returned such as ‘non-sufficient funds’ or ‘Refer to maker’ or any other reason

* Cash

* Savings Bonds

Deposits made through Mobile Banking using the Mobile Deposit Capture method will follow the same availability requirements as any other deposit we receive from you. Regular hold times are as follows:

* All checks deposited on one business day will be combined for an aggregate amount

* The first $200 will be made available the 1st business day after the day of deposit

* The remaining amount will be made available the 2nd business day after the day of deposit.

* All credit is provisional until the credit has been received by the paying financial Institution


We reserve the right to extend any hold placed in an emergency situation where there is a failure of communications or computer equipment and if we have any reason to believe an item will not be paid.

You agree that any items submitted for deposit using our Remote Deposit Capture service include the following Endorsement, Retention and Disposal requirements:

* You agree to properly endorse the check on the back as it appears on the Payable to line and the words FOR MOBILE DEPOSIT ONLY DISCOVERY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION as required.

* You agree to securely store each original check that you deposit using these services for a period of at least sixty (60) days. Upon request, you agree to promptly provide the item to the credit union to aid in the clearing and collection process, to resolve claims by third parties with respect to any check, or for auditing purposes. If you are unable to provide the credit union with the check requested, you will be liable for any unresolved claims by third parties.

* You agree to never re-present a check for deposit

* You understand and agree that you are responsible for any loss caused by your failure to secure the original checks


Your credit union’s online banking alerts service (“alerts”) enables you to receive notices from time to time concerning information on your account(s).

By activating one or more of the notices offered by the alerts service, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

The alerts service allows you to request and receive electronic messages about your accounts at the credit union. We send alerts to you based upon the instructions you provide to us. Your instructions are neither reviewed nor verified by the credit union at any time prior to, or following your activation of the alerts service. You hereby acknowledge and accept that each alert is sent to you without being encrypted and may include your name and information pertaining to your credit union account(s).

You may receive alerts through a text-enabled cellular phone, an e-mail account that is accessed via a personal computer, or both. It is your responsibility to determine if your cellular phone service provider supports text messaging and your telephone is capable of receiving text messages. The credit union’s alerts are subject to the terms and conditions of your agreement(s) with your cellular phone carrier and/or internet service provider. You are responsible for any fees imposed by your cellular phone service and/or internet service provider even if your use of the alerts causes those fees to change.

You acknowledge, agree, and understand that your receipt of any alerts may be delayed or prevented by factor(s) affecting your cellular phone service provider, the internet service provider(s), and other factors outside our control. We neither guarantee the delivery nor the accuracy of the contents of any alert. You agree to not hold the credit union, including its agents, employees, or volunteers, liable for any losses, damages, or costs that may arise in whole or in part, from:
(a) a non-delivery delayed delivery or the misdirected delivery of any alert;
(b) inaccurate or incomplete content in any alert; or
(c) your reliance on or use of the information provided in any alert for any purpose.

The credit union provides this service as a convenience to you for information purposes only. An alert does not constitute an official record for the account to which it pertains. The credit union reserves the right to terminate its Alerts service or begin charging a fee for such service at any time without prior notice to you. All provisions of any agreements or disclosures previously made pertaining to your credit union accounts remain in effect and are not superseded or amended by this agreement.

Additional Services Available Within Secure Online Banking

In addition to Online Banking electronic fund transfers, you can log into Discovery Federal Credit Union’s secure Online Banking system to perform the following additional activities:

  1. Complete consumer loan application;
  2. Enroll in e-mail or text account status alerts;
  3. Order checks;
  4. View cleared check images;
  5. Use the Online Bill Pay feature to set up electronic bill presentment from participating billers;
  6. Update your personal information including your name, postal address, e-mail address, and telephone number.
  7. Update your Online Banking access credentials;
  8. Exchange secure messages with Credit Union personnel 


Fees Charged for Online Services

Currently, Discovery Federal Credit Union does not charge fees for subscribing to or using our Online Services. However, we may assess fees (a) as described in the applicable product or Account Disclosure Statement or current fee schedule.

We reserve the right to institute or change fees for Online Services by sending you prior notice.



You represent that you are the legal owner of the Accounts and other financial information which may be accessed using Mobile Banking. You represent and agree that all information you provide to us in connection with any Online Service is accurate, current and complete and that you have the right to provide such information to us for the purpose of using our services. You agree not to misrepresent your identity or your account information. You represent that you are an authorized user of the Device you will use to access Online Services. You understand that you are solely responsible to verify that any items deposited using the Mobile Deposit Capture have been received by us.


Unavailability of Services

You understand and agree that the services may at times be temporarily unavailable due to system maintenance or technical difficulties. In the event any of the services included in our Online Services are unavailable, you acknowledge that you can get your account information, deposit an original check, or conduct other business at our branches or by mail.



You agree to take every precaution to ensure the safety, security, and integrity of your account and transactions when using Online Services. You agree not to leave your Device unattended while logged into Home banking, Mobile Apps, or any other service and to log off immediately at the completion of each access by you. You agree not to provide any of your access information to any unauthorized person. If you permit other persons to use your Device, login information, or any other means to access Online Services, you will be held responsible for any transactions they authorize and we will not be liable for any damages resulting to you.

We make no representations that any Online Service will be available for use in locations outside of the United States.



You agree not to use Online Services or the content, or information delivered through any of our services, in any way that would be considered illegal.


Lost or Stolen Device or Password; Unauthorized Transfers

If you believe your user name (Login ID), password, or any access device has been lost or stolen, or that someone has transferred or may transfer funds from your account without your authorization, contact us AT ONCE at 610-372-8010 or 800-563-9383. For a description of your and the Credit Union’s responsibilities and liability with respect to unauthorized transactions review the appropriate sections of your account’s Deposit Agreement.


In Case of Errors or Questions about Your Account

Please refer to the Deposit Agreement given at account opening for a description of the error resolution process as well as how transfer and deposits are processed on your account. If you need a copy of the agreement or have additional questions regarding Online Services, please contact our e-Services Department by using one of the following methods:

  • Telephone at (610) 372-8010
  • Email
  • Send a message directly from your Discovery online banking account
  • Mail to: Discovery Federal Credit Union, Member Services Department, 2744 Century Blvd., Wyomissing, PA  19610


Our Online Banking database is a private system operated for the exclusive use of our members. We use SSL encryption and digital server authentication to ensure the privacy of your information when sending data between our Online Banking server and your PC.

All Online Banking logins are logged by the server. For authenticated members who use Online Banking, we collect and store certain information such as how often you visit the Online Banking section, dates and times of visits, and which pages are being used. We use this information for internal review and product evaluation only. We never sell, transfer, or trade this information unless we are compelled to do so by law.

We may gather and store additional information available to us on failed login attempts and other activities we consider a threat to our system. In these cases, we will share this information with other companies, agencies, and law enforcement officials as we determine necessary or as we are required by law.


Protecting Children’s Online Privacy

We do not knowingly collect, nor are our Online Services designed or directed, to use personal information from children under the age of 13 without containing verifiable consent from their parents. Should a child whom we know to be under the age of 13 send personal information to us, we will only use that information to respond directly to that child, seek parental consent or provide parental notice.



Unless caused by our intentional misconduct or gross negligence, you agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Discovery Federal Credit Union its officers, directors, employees, consultants, agents, service providers, and licensors from any and all third party claims, liability, damages, expenses and costs caused or arising from (1) a third party claim, dispute, action, or allegation of infringement, misuse, or misappropriation based on information, data, files, or otherwise in connection with our Online Services; (2) your violation of any law or rights of a third party; or (3) your use, or use by a third party of any Online Services.

These terms and conditions can change at any time without notice. You agree to accept and acknowledge the change in terms when you agree to these terms and conditions.


Discovery Federal Credit Union’s Internet Bill Pay Service

Terms and Conditions Agreement

Note: All references within this document to the terms “Payment Service” and/or “Service” reflect the Internet Bill Pay Service offered by Discovery Federal Credit Union. “You” or “Your” means each person who is authorized to use the Service.

You may use Discovery Federal Credit Union’s Bill Pay Service to direct Discovery Federal Credit Union to make payments from your designated credit union accounts to the Payees you choose in accordance with this agreement. The terms and conditions of this agreement are in addition to the account agreements, disclosures and other documents in effect governing your credit union account(s).

Bill Pay Service

I acknowledge electronic receipt of the Terms and Conditions Agreement (“Agreement”) associated with Discovery Federal Credit Union’s Internet Bill Pay Service and agree that I have read and will abide by this agreement. I also agree Discovery Federal Credit Union does not need to provide me with an additional paper (non-electronic) copy of this Agreement unless specifically requested. I also acknowledge that I have read and will abide by Discovery Federal Credit Union’s Electronic Services Agreement and Disclosure. I understand that an additional copy of this agreement can be provided to me by the Credit Union per my request.

Use of a Third-Party Bill Pay Service Provider
MYCU Services, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mid-Atlantic Corporate Federal Credit Union, is the third-party bill pay service provider Discovery Federal Credit Union has contracted with to provide online bill pay services to its members. MYCU Services will be processing bill payments and, in addition to Discovery Federal Credit Union’s member service, can answer questions directly related to these member-initiated bill payments. Accordingly, the term “MYCU Services” represents the member service provided by MYCU Services to Discovery Federal Credit Union’s bill pay subscribers on the Credit Union’s behalf. MYCU Services partners with iPay Technologies, the leading independent provider of Internet bill payment services, to provide its bill payment product to Credit Unions. Discovery Federal Credit Union, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to change Internet bill pay service providers.

Enrollment Request for the Internet Bill Pay Service

Discovery Federal Credit Union reserves the right to refuse enrollment in the Internet Bill

Pay Service to any member who does not meet the Internet Bill Pay Service criteria which have been established by the Credit Union and/or MYCU Services.


Internet Bill Pay Service

As used in this Agreement, the term “Payee” means the vendor, biller, person or entity to which you wish a bill payment to be directed; “Payment Instructions” means the information provided by you to the Service for a bill payment to be made to your Payee (e.g., Payee name, account number, payment amount, payment date, etc.).”Payment Account” means your designated Credit Union account, and in the instance of non-sufficient funds and/or an overdrawn account, any applicable share account(s) at Discovery Federal Credit Union, from which all bill payments may be made and/or such funds collected; “Business Day” means Monday through Friday, excluding Federal Holidays and Credit Union holidays; “Payment Date or Process Date” means the Business Day of your choice upon which your bill payment will be made and your Payment Account will be debited; and “Cutoff Time” means 2:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on any Business Day, and is the time by which you must transmit instructions to have them considered on that particular Business Day.

Payment may be deducted from your Payment Account by two methods. The two methods are: 1) Via an electronic debit through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Association or 2.) Via a draft drawn on your account and processed through the Federal Reserve System (as if you had written a check drawn upon your Checking Account).

By providing the Payment Service with the names and account information of those entities and/or persons to whom you wish to direct payment, you authorize the Service to follow Payment Instructions that it receives from you and your authorized user(s) through the Internet Bill Pay Service. When the Service receives a payment instruction, you authorize it to debit your Payment Account and remit funds on your behalf so that the funds arrive as close to the Business Day designated by you as soon as reasonably possible.

For this reason, it is necessary that all Payment Dates selected by you be no less than six (6) Business Days before the actual due date for payments that are being sent by check and three (3) Business Days for ACH payments. It is your responsibility to schedule your bill payments in such a manner that your obligations will be paid on time. Payment instructions entered after the Cutoff Time of 2:00 p.m. EST or on a non-Business Day will be considered entered in the Service on the next Business Day. In any event, including but not limited to, choosing a Payment Date which is not six (6) Business Days before the due date, or on or past the due date stated on your invoice or bill, the risk of incurring and the responsibility for paying any and all late charges or penalties shall be borne by you.


The Bill Pay Process

Single Payments – A single payment will be processed on the business day that you designate as the payment’s process date, provided the payment is submitted prior to the daily Cutoff Time on that date. A submitted payment after the Cutoff Time on the designated process date will be processed on the next business day. If you designate a non-business day or Federal and/or Credit Union holiday as the payment’s process date, the payment will be processed on the first business day following the designated process date.

Recurring Payments – When a recurring payment is processed, it is automatically rescheduled by the Service. Based upon your selected frequency settings for the payment, a process date is calculated for the next occurrence of the payment. If the calculated process date is a non-business day or Federal and/or Credit Union holiday, it is adjusted based upon the following rules:

  1. If the recurring payment’s “Pay Before” option is selected, the process date for the new occurrence of the payment is adjusted to the first business day prior to the calculated process date.
  1. If the recurring payment’s “Pay After” option is selected, the process date for the new occurrence of the payment is adjusted to the first business day after the calculated process date.

Note: If your frequency settings for the recurring payment specify the 29th, 30th or 31st as a particular day of the month for processing and that day does not exist in the month of the calculated process date, then the last calendar day of that month is used as the calculated process date.


Available Funds

You agree to have available and collected funds on deposit in the account you designate in amounts sufficient to pay for all bill payments requested, in addition to any other payment obligations you have to the Credit Union. The Credit Union reserves the right, without liability, to reject or reverse a bill payment if you fail to comply with the above requirements or any other term of this agreement. If you do not have sufficient funds in the account and the Credit Union has not exercised its right to reverse or reject a bill payment, you agree to pay for such payment obligation and any associated fees on demand. You further agree that the Credit Union, at its option, may charge any of your accounts with the Credit Union to cover such payment obligations.


Password and Security

You are solely responsible for controlling the safekeeping of and access to your Password. You agree not to give or make available your Discovery Federal Credit Union Internet Bill Pay account number and Password to any unauthorized individuals. You are responsible for all bill payments you, and any authorized users, authorize using the Service. If you permit other persons to use the Service or you made known your account number and Password (even though you have agreed not to disclose this information); you are responsible for all transactions they authorize. If you believe that your account number and Password have been lost, stolen or compromised, or that someone may attempt to use the Service without your consent or has transferred money from your account by accessing your account without your permission, you must notify Discovery Federal Credit Union at once by calling 610.372.8010.

If you want to terminate an individual’s preauthorized authority to your Bill Pay Service, it is your responsibility to change your Password. You will be responsible for any bill payment request you make that contains an error or is a duplicate of another bill payment.

You also agree that Discovery Federal Credit Union may revoke your Internet Bill Pay Service if unauthorized account access/transactions occur as the apparent result of negligence in the safeguarding of the Account Number and Password(s) belonging to you and/or your authorized user(s).

Disclosure of Account Information

We may disclose information to third parties about your account transfers you make (1) when it is necessary to complete an electronic transaction, (2) in order to verify the existence and conditions for your account for a third party, such as a credit bureau or merchant, (3) in order to comply with a government agency or court order, or any other legal process, or (4) if you give us written permission.

Service Fees

Discovery FCU Online Bill Pay is a convenient service offered to qualifying members enrolled in Discovery FCU Online Banking. Fees will be incurred for inactivity, certain transactions and optional services, such as non-sufficient funds or automatic overdraft fees, and are specified in the Discovery FCU Fee Schedule. You can view the Fee Schedule at and you can request a paper copy at any time by contacting the credit union.

Additional miscellaneous product fees include, but are not limited to:

  • Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) – $30.00
  • Overdraft Courtesy Pay – $30.00
  • Automatic Overdraft Transfer – $5.00

Note: The above-stated fees are subject to change at any time without notice.

You agree to pay such fees and charges, and authorize the Service and/or Credit Union to charge your designated Payment Account for these amounts and any additional charges that may be incurred by you. Any fees associated with your savings or loan accounts will continue to apply.

You are responsible for any and all telephone access fees or Internet Service Fees that may be assessed by your telephone utility and/or Internet Service Provider.


Alterations and Amendments

The terms of this Agreement, applicable fees and service charges may be altered or amended by the Service or the Credit Union from time to time. In such event, the Service or the Credit Union shall send notice to you at your address of record or by electronic message. Any use of the services after the Service or the credit union have sent you notice of change will constitute your agreement to such change(s). Further, the Service or Credit Union, may, from time to time, revise or update the programs, services, and/or related material, which may render all such prior versions obsolete. Consequently, the Service and Credit Union reserve the right to terminate this Agreement as to all such prior versions of the Internet Bill Pay programs, services, and/or related material and limit access to te Service’s more recent revisions and updates.


Address Changes

You agree to promptly notify Discovery Federal Credit Union in writing of any address change. Changing your address on the Service does not automatically update your address of record at Discovery Federal Credit Union. Similarly, updating your address at Discovery Federal Credit Union does not automatically update the address on the Service.


Termination or Discontinuation

You may terminate your use of the Service at any time by contacting Discovery Federal Credit Union. You must notify us at least ten (10) days prior to the date on which you wish to have your Service terminated. If you have scheduled payments with Process Dates within this 10-day period, you must separately cancel those payments pursuant to the terms and conditions listed in this Agreement. If we have not completed processing your termination request and you have not otherwise canceled a payment, you will be responsible for payments with Process Dates during the ten (10) days following our receipt of your written termination.

Subject to applicable law, we may terminate your use of the Service, in whole or in part, at any time if you do not comply with the terms of this Agreement, or the agreements governing your Discovery Federal Credit Union accounts, or if your designated bill payment account is not maintained in good standing. Termination will not affect your liability or obligation under this Agreement for transactions that we have processed on your behalf.



In the event of a dispute regarding the Service, you and the Service agree to resolve the dispute by referencing this document. You agree that this Agreement is the complete and exclusive statement of the agreement between you, the Credit Union and the Service which supersedes any proposal or prior agreement, oral or written, and any other communications between you and the Credit Union or Service relating to the subject matter of this Agreement. If there is a conflict between what one of the Service’s or Credit Union’s employees say and the terms of this agreement, the term of the Agreement shall control.



You may not assign this Agreement to any other party. This Service and/or Credit Union may assign this Agreement to any future, directly or indirectly, an affiliated company. The Service and/or Credit Union may also delegate certain of its rights and responsibilities under this Agreement to independent contractors or other third-party service providers.


No Waiver

The Service and/or Credit Union shall not be deemed to have waived any of its rights or remedies here-under unless such waiver is in writing and signed by the Service and/or Credit Union. No delay or omission on the part of the Service and/or Credit Union in exercising any rights or remedies shall operate as a waiver of such rights or remedies or any other rights or remedies. A waiver on any one occasion shall not be construed as a bar or waiver of any rights or remedies on future occasions.


Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Pennsylvania, Untied States of America, without regard to its conflicts of law provisions.




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